Thursday, June 7, 2007

One bag after the Other

The B-4 Bag is finished and it turned out so cute. I felted it a long time so it wouldn't be too flimsy, and then added a firm bottom. It ended up at about 9" long x 3" deep x 7" tall. Adorable, but not quite big enough for me. A friend saw (and LOVED) it, so she gave it to a special girl who was graduating from high school. At some point I will make myself another bag by this pattern, because it was so fun. Of course, my friend wants one for herself, too! Isn't that the way it goes?
Yesterday I felted a bag to give a friend for her birthday on Sunday. Today I'm going to knit a couple of Noni flowers to attach to it. Once it's done, I'll have to take pics.
I'm also feverishly working on the bag for my partner in the International Tote Exchange IV. I've finished the body of the bag, and am working on the pockets. Also decided to add one more color to the handles, so am waiting for that to arrive in the mail. Then, I plan to do some needle felting on the bag. I've not done that before, and am excited about learning how. I've gotten the supplies I need, and some gorgeous yarn that I've seen needle felted, and it looks great! Once the bag is felted I'm going to plan a design to fit the dimensions of the bag. I think I can do better that way than just putting the yarn on the bag helter-skelter as I go. If it turns out the way I envision, it should be pretty cool.
Being a part of the exchange is so fun. I just love checking out the blog and seeing the comments and pictures from the different participants. Who'd have thought that making a special gift for a total stranger could be so much fun?? But it is!! Once my bag is done, then I'm going to make some other goodies for her to put inside the bag. I have all kinds of ideas rolling around inside my head: dishcloth, small accessory bag, needle cozies, beaded stitch markers, beaded bookmark.... the list goes on and on.............


knitty said...

Your pal is going to be thrilled when she gets your package.
I started working on your bag this weekend...I KNOW you are going to love it!

Cass said...

THAT is a wonderful bag! So full of whimsy but still classy. I love it!! If only I used wool- I would want one just like it!!!