Monday, June 18, 2007

A Surprise in the Mail!!

Well, I got my first ever package from an exchange, and it was fun! I grabbed my mail just as I was heading to the Post Office to mail my stitch markers, and when I found the package I had to sit right there in my car and open it. Thank you Sulah, they are just beautiful! I will truly enjoy using them. Also included with the markers were a cute note pad and a nifty magnetic pen!
I haven't quite figured out why it's so fun to make things for and receive things from people I don't even know, but it is. I want so much to make things that my exchange partners will like and enjoy. My stitch markers are on their way to Leigh, Marsha and Brenda, so now it's full steam ahead on the tote for my ITE IV spoilee. It's been felted and dried (no thanks to our humid, rainy weather!) so now it's ready to be needle felted. I'm anxious to get started, as this will be my first attempt at needle felting. How hard can it be . . . right?!? :o)
I've read the pros and cons about letting felted items go through the spin cycle in the washer and had always just let them take forever to dry, setting the items on old newspaper to help "wick" the water out. Well, the last three times I've felted I decided to give the spin cycle a whirl, and it worked great. First I remove the felted items and let the water spin out. Then I carefully place the items along the outside edge of the machine, and let them spin. However, I let them spin only for seconds, not minutes. Once the machine has built up speed and I've heard that little rush of water being pumped out, I stop it. The items are well "wrung out", but they haven't spun long enough for any creases to have been made. My bags are dry in two days when I do it this way.
Speaking of. . . I have a bag to felt and I should get it done tonight. I wanted to use it as my summer purse, so if I plan on doing that, I better get on with it!

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