Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Contest

This contest asks us to share handmade items that we enjoy using. First, this bag is one I knit without much planning, just to see what the yarns would do. It turned out sturdy and practical, and I enjoy using it as my purse every day. It was knit with one strand of Patons SWS and one strand of Lamb's Pride Worsted held together, and then felted.

This tablecloth was crocheted by my grandmother many, many years ago. I wish I knew how many; I'll have to ask my mom and see if she knows. It is made with very fine crochet cotton and has a beautiful feel and drape. It measures 55 x 86 inches, and is made up of 330 medallions. Can you imagine making all those out of that fine thread? I don't use it too often, but it is such a joy when I do! I also have a good sized runner (I believe they called them "dresser scarves" back then!) out of the same pattern.

Here's a close-up of the stitch detail.

Finally, I am supposed to show something I've seen on someone else's blog that I would like to make. Well, I have kind of a "thing" for making bags, and this is one from ITE IV that I found myself drooling over. I just think the yarn is so pretty--gorgeous colors. I've done a lot of felting, so something like this would be fun and different for me to try. Cass made it, and she has lots of fun stuff on her blog, so pop on over and check it out. Scroll down to June 16 to see more about the bag.

(I hope it's okay to use your picture, Cass!?!)


NH Knitting Mama said...

Cass does have lots of neat stuff on her blog! I read her, too!

That tablecloth is beautiful, you're lucky to have such a treasure.

Alaina said...

Beautiful tablecloth! and I do like the bag as well :)

Bemidji is about 3 hours away - (my children travel there every other weekend - as it's where their father lives) - I would love to meet sometime and spend the day chatting and knitting - I wonder if they have any shops??

Nichole said...

What a gorgeous tablecloth!

Cass said...

WOW that tablecloth is stunning!
And THANK YOU for the compliment on the River Tote! I'm getting ready to post the pattern for making it. :)

AllyB said...

Just stopping in to say hey! Cute dogs, lovely table cloth, aren't Grama-made things fabulous? Love your bag. Let's make some socks!

Knit Lunabud Knit said...

The tablecloth is pure bliss! I think it is such a shame when I come across one in a flea market or antique store, because I wonder if there is a family some where missing out on a great piece of history that should have been passed down from generation to generation.