Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun Stuff in the Mail~~

I received my prize from the contest on Amanda's blog, and it was such a fun package! As you can see, she sent two skeins of sock yarn, a skein of Peaches and Cream, as well as the cutest knit bag that was just chock full of goodies: Gum, Mentos, and Creme Savers in flavors I haven't seen before. (Mango, banana, and pina colada). Thank you so much, Amanda~~I'll enjoy all of it. The best part, though, has been making a new "blogging friend". Since I'm a newbie, these things just get me all aflutter!!!

Yesterday and today I went with my husband out of town where he was taking some training classes. My ulterior motive: Same town where my LYS is. I must have spent about 7 hours there between the two days. The good news is that everything in the store was 25% off. However, the bad news is they were having the sale because the store is going out of business. Now where will I shop?? Will I have to order everything??

"What wonderful stuff did she find there", you might be wondering. Well, I'd love to post some pictures, and I will, but first I have to find just the right time to get things from the trunk of my car to inside the house. Perhaps I can make my move under the cover of darkness; or maybe when I'm home all alone. The dogs won't say anything, will they?? Hmmm, I'll have to think this through.

See the pretty bag? Well, that's from a new yarn "studio" that just opened in the same town as my previous yarn haunt. I did stop in to check it out and made one small purchase, mostly because I wanted one of their cute bags. I thought it would look quite impressive on my blog!!

This store is very open and airy, and has more of a botique feel to it! Definately a classier yarn shop than what this chicken is used to!! Time will tell~~once I get over my "loss", maybe this one can begin to feel like home to me!


Alaina said...

How fun :)

Can hardly wait to see pics of your "deals" (yarn and a sale - doesn't get much better)

What sock pattern are you going to use for the first attempt at socks?

Nichole said...

Great prize pack!
Can't wait to see what you hauled in ... and no, the dogs won't tell! They keep ALL our secrets safe... ;-)
That is a cute and very "chic" bag... I bet the store was expensive, but I bet they have beautiful yarns!