Friday, July 13, 2007

I Won A Contest ~~ Yippee Skippee!!!

I'm so excited, I can hardly believe it! I won the contest on Amanda's blog! When I found out I was just beside myself with glee:o) I'm fairly new to this blogging thing, so to win this contest was special. Amanda posted pics of the swag on her blog, but I can hardly wait to touch and smell the yarn. Oh ya, I'm another one of those hapless yarn-smellers.

Well, winning the contest made my day. Painting, on the other hand, was a pain in the neck. I spent much time both Wednesday and Thursday doing what I knew to be just the perfect faux finish for two large walls in my livingroom. Well, last night I came to the realization that what I'd done was not at all the effect I was looking for, so we painted over it. Back to square one!

I trekked on over to Lowe's and laid down $28 for a stippling brush. This would be the answer I was looking for. How can a painter go wrong when armed with the right tools? Well, I stippled (wiped it off) and re-stippled (wiped it off) and stippled again (wiped it off) until I feared I was wearing a hole in my freshly painted wall. Frustration is starting to build here. Genuine angst.

Returned the brush...........

Okay, so now what irresistable technique will I use? Don't know. I've tried dry-brushing, stippling, frottage and sponging. I want interesting, yet subtle and elegant. Am I asking too much? Apparently I am. As I stumble through the livingroom on the way to get my coffee tomorrow morning, the walls will still be plain and I will probably still be in the dark as to what I should do. I must think (and work) fast. I have the carpet cleaners scheduled for Monday. Oh, dear!!!!!

Don't you just love the Lily??

The color on these is breath-taking!

I'm going to bed--I need to be at my creative best tomorrow!!!!!


Nichole said...

I love your pink lilies! All of ours are orange... I want pink ones!!!

Cass said...

hey email me please. :)
Petsittt AT aol DOT com

Alaina said...

Congratulations on winning your first contest!!!! How fun.

I have absolutely no advice on the walls. We textured one wall - I like it -

I have "zip" decorating sense.....

Am anxious to see what you do. ;)