Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Stumbled Across an Old Treasure

I knew I had this, but I wasn't sure where it was until yesterday when I came across the metal can my grandma used for holding her ball of yarn when she was doing handwork. Isn't it just the cutest thing??? I'm going to use it when I make dishcloths.

Got a good shot of my sweet boy Flex with a little snaggle-tooth action going on! He's such a goof ball--weighs 78 pounds, but still likes to sit on his mommy's lap! Lays his chin on my thigh as if to ask permission, and when I tell him it's okay, up he climbs. When the back feet come up I have to grab his rump and twist it around so he can fit! Once in place, I think we're both pretty comfy:o)

The painting is coming along pretty well. The foyer, which includes that dreadfully "tall" wall is almost done. That was going to be the biggest challenge, so getting it done was a relief. We returned the nifty Little Giant ladder that we rented. That is one great little helper when you have to paint over a horrific stair well. The two sides of the ladder adjust to different heights so it stands on stairs. It's also very sturdy and stable, according to my friend Kathy. She's the ladder climber--not me! When she was at the top, I could stand on the lower level floor, look up about three feet, and see the soles of her shoes!!! Woo-Hoo!!


Alaina said...

That is awesome. Leave it to "that generation" to come up with something so practical. I use whatever I can find...kleenex boxes, icecream pails, tupperware....I wonder if they even make things like that anymore...

Glad to hear your painting is going well.

Cass said...

Ohmygosh that tin is AWESOME!!