Saturday, July 14, 2007

Should We Knit Some Socks??

I found out the other day that there are a number of us knitters who love (and buy!!) sock yarn, but have never knit a sock. Hmmm....... Got me to thinking, and I was wondering if we should do a KAL for first-time sock knitters. I mentioned it to Cass, and she liked the idea. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in working through your first pair of socks together with a few other first -time sock knitters, let me know. Maybe we'll give it a whirl!
I am so ready to be done painting. Our whole house is on end because of this project. You find out how much space livingroom furniture takes up when you start shoving it into every other room of the house. I did finally settle on a faux technique for the two walls, though. After trying four or five styles that I thought might be 'elegant' and 'sophisticated', I've decided to sponge. Ya, sponge. Who'd uv thunk? I got the first color on today, and tomorrow I do the other one.
This evening I was able to sneak a little knitting (or should I say "un-knitting) time out on my patio. It was a perfect day for it. I did the goofiest thing---frogged a dishcloth that was only a few rows from being finished! "Why?", you may ask. Well, because it was too big. It was going to end up being 11-1/2 inches square, and that's kinda over-big and hard to wring out. The pattern said 8-1/2 inches, so I was way off from that. I am going to make it again, though, because I liked the way it was turning out. It was made with "bee stitch" which was fun and easy to do, and gives a nice texture. Who knows, maybe I'll even send it to my Dog Days of Summer spoilee!!!
I don't know how I happened to notice it now, but a couple of posts ago I was describing some yarn and used the word "textile" instead of "tactile" in my description. Finding that made me feel like everyone in blogdom must be saying, "Tee hee; that poor girl is as dumb as a box of rocks. She fancies herself a fiber enthusiast and doesn't even know her textile from her tactile." Well, of course I know that's not the case (is it?), but I couldn't get in there fast enough to edit that post!! :o)


NH Knitting Mama said...

A freud-ian slip, my friend. It's all yarny fun.

I would love to see some before/after pics of your painting project.

Cass said...

I would be totally up for some "first-time-sock-knitters" fun! But we'll need to also enlist some experienced sock knitters to help out- like a mentor program! You get right on that. ;)

Alaina said...

Can I join the sock KAL if I have officially made (only) one pair of socks??? I have one sock of the second pair partially done....pleeze...;)

Amanda said...

I'd definitely be up for the first time sock'ers. I've mae 1/2 of a sock, and then just stopped. Good to have an incentive to start and make a full one. A pair even!

Ida said...

Me too. I can't tell you how much sock yarn I have sitting around here, but I'm too big of a chicken to actually make a sock!

P.S. I love your dogs--especially your furry grandson Samson.