Monday, July 9, 2007

Strong Coffee, Chirping Birds, and a Fragrant Tree...

It is a glorious morning and it would be just wrong for me to let it go to waste. Therefore, I am outside on the patio enjoying the morning beautifulness. (Yes, I KNOW that's not a word, but it should be!) See this rather ordinary, unassuming tree full of clumps of waxy little flowers?

Well, it may not look spectacular, but the fragrance is heavenly. Sometimes I can even smell it on the other side of the house. This one blooms later than most, so I've been cherishing it's wonderful summer gift for the last few days. This morning I noticed that many (billions, in fact!) of little petals are on the ground, so my olfactory reverie is about to come to an end for this year.

I have the day off from painting until about 5:00. Oh, darn! Kathy is babysitting until then, so I can catch up on a few of the thousands of other things that are needing my attention. And yes, knitting is one of them! As soon as I finish this post, I'm running in to get my needles and I will sit out here and knit for a while. Heaven forbid that I should actually do any painting on my own before Kathy gets here!! I'm afraid that would make her feel bad. Ya, right!!!!!!!
There's steam rising from my mug of coffee. I was hoping to capture that in my pic, but I don't know if I did or not. It's too bright out here for me to tell. If you can't see it, then just imagine it there, because it is.
Well, before that annoying "low battery" warning comes up and I have to stumble all over myself rushing in to get the power cord (Um hm, I should have brought it out with me), I'm going to turn this thing off and get to knitting. There's a perfect morning to be enjoyed!

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Alaina said...

Sounds perfect - I am so glad you got to enjoy your morning... happy knitting.

(I am sure Kathy would be upset if you painted, so you just sit yourself down and knit. Hee hee)