Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Contest And A Contest!

Dog Days of Summer is having a contest which asks what I like to do to cheer up when those dog days get me down. Well, I start by fixing myself a tall glass of something cold--iced tea, an iced coffee drink, or sometimes even a big glass of ice water. I put on something sleeveless so the air conditioning makes my shoulders feel cool, and I plop down in my favorite chair and put my feet up. Finally, I have to keep my hands busy--it's just the way I am. So, I either knit, bead, or pour over pattern books, drooling over things I'd love to make sometime. Ahhh, hot summertime bliss!

Another contest asks me to mention the Fall Felted Bag Exchange. Sign-ups begin on August 15, so if you think you might be interested, pop on over and check it out. It looks like great fun, and I'm looking forward to it!!

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