Monday, August 27, 2007

A Dishcloth, A Storm, and A Sock...

Dishrags seem to be my knitting project of choice these days. The Petal Dishcloth knit up quick and easy. After only one "petal" I had the pattern memorized. I've already given it away to a friend who had me to dinner last evening.

Earlier I entered a couple on contests that folks are having on their blogs. Schrodinger is giving away a VERY VERY cool sock knitting bag, and I really want to win one to encourage me in my sock making endeavors. (Read about my sock issues later in this post.) And, This Kitten Knits is also having a fun contest. So, head on over and enter, and if you tell them I sent you I get an extra entry, so don't forget----tell 'em I sent ya! Both of them have really fun blogs, too, so you'll get a great read out of the deal, too!!
Back to my friend, who lives about 75 miles from here. It was a gathering of a few of us who are part of an artsy craftsy group that used to be very active, and is somewhat less active now. However, we still love getting together to visit and share what we've been doing. Hubby called me while I was there to warn me that the weather was looking kind of bleak. Long story short, we watched the weather radar for a while, and I waited until it looked like I could leave ahead of the storm that was heading toward where I was, and end up behind the one that was where I live.

All went well until I got about 25 miles from home. Then the rain hit so hard and fast that I feared I might careen into the ditch before I could turn on the windshield wipers. Finally had to pull over and wait, along with a lot of other travellers, because the rain was so heavy I couldn't see, and the car wanted to hydroplane. When at last I gingerly pulled out onto the interstate, along with my parade of fellow travellers, we managed a whopping 50 mph for a while before we were hit with phase II. This one was worse. EVERYTHING stopped--even the semis. There I sat, all alone in the middle of nowhere, rain and now hail, too, beating down on my car. The noise was incredible. Oh, and did I mention, lightening like I've never seen before in my life!! From the time I walked out my friend's door until I arrived home I know there wasn't a 5 second break in the lightening. Most of it was the large stuff that lights up the whole sky, but there were a few bolts that were absolutely blinding. They were so bright that I would keep "seeing" them over and over, just like when you look into the flash of a camera. By the time I got home my eyes were so tired that they actually hurt!

The hail and rain torrents slowed, and off I went again. This time I made it the rest of the way home, but I did have an exciting trip, if being in bad weather is exciting. However, it was a serious storm which produced some tornadoes. One small town, maybe 30 miles from where I live, suffered much damage and even the loss of a life. At an area where there were seven mobile homes, only one is left. Medical facilities and such had to be evacuated. Very tough for that little community.

Okay, it's time to talk about my very first, one and only sock. I do believe I may be headed toward the frog pond with it. To me it just looks floppy and sloppy, like something that's been worn hard and needs to be laundered. What do you all think??
See how loose the the heel is.... and how the ribbing wants to drop down over the rest of the sock?
I must confess, I'm not all that happy with it. I think this is why I've been knitting so many dishrags lately. It's sock avoidance. That's what it is. Oh, and check out the lovely hole by the gusset... I'm really likin' that. But the good news it, there's a matching one on the other side of the sock. WOO HOO!!! I've really had fun knitting this creature, but with the way it's coming together, I fear my sock knitting career may be in doubt.

*Note* I'm using size 1 needles, and my gauge is right at where it should be. Bah Humbug!

Are there yarns that work better than others? I'm using Regia Bamboo, and I love how it looks and it knits up nicely, but I'm certainly no yarn expert when it comes to socks. Actually, I'm no yarn expert, period. Any thoughts or recommendations????


Dorothy said...

I know nothing about sock knitting. But, I do like the color of your sock! I entered the contest for the sock knitting bag and mentioned your name. Good luck with your sock. I'll be praying for people hit by the bad weather.

Dorothy said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you - there's a fall dishcloth swap you might be interested in:

NH Knitting Mama said...

Well, as far as the sock, it may be the yarn misbehaving with this pattern. It looks soft and flowing. You may need to use a yarn that is more rigid (does that make sense?) to work with the pattern.

Socks are strange creatures. Don't give up on them.

Nichole said...

Glad to see the petal dishcloth catching on so well - love that pattern!

KnittySue said...

I'm with ya on the rain storm...I never want to be in a car through what I went through (similar to your experience but in MI). Scary but got home safe too. Your sock is pretty, I'm a newbie at socks too.