Monday, August 27, 2007

Fall Felted Bag Exchange Contest...

1. What is your favorite yarn for felting, and why? I have several I really like, so I'll just choose one--Cascade 220 (double stranded). Why? Because it felts to a nice, sturdy fabric, isn't all fuzzy and hairy when it's done, and comes in so many great colors.

2. Name one person in the swap who is not from the U.S. and tell us where they are from, and link to their blog. Cathy F. is from N. Vancouver, BC. , and you can find her blog, Drowning in a Sea of Yarn, here.

3. Find one person in the swap who has a dog, and let us know the name of their dog(s) and link to their blog. Heather has two labs named Sophie and Pierce. Here is where you can find her blog.

4. Find one person in the swap who has a child or grandchild and link to their blog. Over at Suzanne G.'s blog you will find pics of her darling granddaughter, Alia.

5. And finally, tell us if you like October or November more, and why! (Yea, I know part of September and November are technically fall, but for this question, only October and November matter!) I'm going to have to go with October because around here, sometimes it can get pretty wintery in November. I love the bright blue sky, the clear, crisp air, and the smell of fire pits and fire places.

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