Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange~~

Goody Goody Gumdrops!! There's going to be another dishcloth exchange. I recently participated in the Dog Days of Summer, and it was great fun. Now, signups are about to open for the fall exchange, so if you like to knit dishclolths, make new friends, and get fun things in the mail, you can sign up here!! Hope to see ya there!


Anonymous said...

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Nichole said...

aren't these so addicting?? lol Did you joing the Knit 1, Tea 2 and Secret Pal 11 swaps also?

Alaina said...

I am so excited about the next "fur sure" (best scandinavian accent) going to sign up.

Are you ready for school? We start with students on Tuesday...How about you?

Happy knitting.

Donna said...

Your pups are too cute. I signed up for Fall into Autumn too. Looks like fun

Nichole said...

Hey, my kids said to tell your kids to go get their page on Dogster too! :)