Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sent a Package - Entered a Contest!!

Today I got the package for my Dog Days of Summer pal all packed up and sent. I get just as big a kick out of sending a package to someone as I do out of receiving mine! One of the things I sent was this little accessory bag filled with fun stuff!! Not sayin' what!

The pattern is from the One Skein book, and I made it with natural colored silk yarn. I made a couple of slight alterations to the pattern: My drawstring is a twisted cord instead of a crocheted chain; and, I added a little scalloped edge to the top. Just for fun!

Now for the contest!! Cass is having one over at her blog to celebrate her 222nd post. Go on over and enter, and if you do, tell her I sent you, cause then I get a bonus entry! PLEEEEEZE!! She's giving away some REALLY COOL swag!!

I got several dishcloths blocked today while I was packing my Dog Days package. These patterns turned out kinda nice! (I know, I know. The picture is sideways---don't ask!)

Below is a close-up of the stitches on that one - it has a very nice texture, but is oh-so-easy to do! I got the pattern out of one of the Leisure Arts discloth books.

I thought this one turned out nice, too. And, it doesn't have a wrong side, which is fun sometimes.
It's a hot one here today, but nevertheless I must venture out into it. (Air conditioning is my friend!!) I've got a few errands that simply must be run, or my life will be even more hectic tomorrow. This evening I'm going to spend time working on my socks no matter what -- I'm falling behind everyone else in my sock KAL!! Not Good---Angst Inducing!


Nichole said...

Great bag! :)

Nichole said...

Btw, come join

Wendy said...

Fun dishcloths! Where did you find the pattern? What yarn did you use with the muli-colored one?

NH Knitting Mama said...


Great dishcloths! I like the one with all the colors.

Anonymous said...

Oh very fun cloths. And I have to ask.. how do you make a 'twisted cord'? I like how that looks - especially on a little gift bag like that.