Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sock Progress and Another Contest~~

SQUEAL . . . . . JUMP FOR JOY . . . . . . .and all that good stuff!! I've turned the heel on my very first sock! All the "sock experienced" knitters out there will just have to indulge me; and think back . . . . there was that day when you turned your very first heel. And I dare say you were excited, too!!
Anyhoo . . . HERE IT IS:
Loverly, don't you think??

However, amid all the excitement, there is that moment of disbelieving hilarity when I realize just how foolish my sock-to-be actually LOOKS!!

Yes?!? Ya know what I mean?!?

(I know you do, Cass!)

Today I will add the gussets, and that will surely help! Turning the heel went well; fun actually! If making the gussets goes equally well, I'll feel just grand about my little sock-making venture. I keep telling myself I need to finish at least one sock before I cast on a new project, but I've got several things I'm itching to start, and I don't want to wait.

Found a fun contest this morning on Jean's blog. You should check it out--she's giving away some absolutely wonderful swag! And if you do, PLEEZE tell her I sent you so I get another entry!! I'm lovin' all the contests--I think I'm going to have one soon. All I have to do is come up with a "reason", and that shouldn't be so hard.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood here today. While I was out in the yard snapping pics of my sock, my son was out there playing "Pole" with the dogs. They get the biggest kick out of chasing and jumping after that goofy pole. Flex actually picks it up and drags it to you (it's about 8 feet long!) as an invitation to play!

I'm enjoying my planters so much this year. Hardly planted any flowers, but went with a variety of foliage plants instead, and I really like all the leaf colors and shapes. Beauteous . . . .


Nichole said...

Great pics... esp the furbabies at play!

Alaina said...

Great progress on those socks!!!I am in awe every time I "turn a heel" (I've done it 3 times now) - just amazes me ;)

Lovely plants and those dogs are too cute - looks like a blast ;)

NH Knitting Mama said...

You're cookin' on those socks!

Cass said...

ROFL you know me too well! :D

Great pup pics!

Rachel said...

cool progress on the socks...I'm about to make the leap and it's great to see some newbies out there (I've been watching Cass's progress as well!). You guys are good motivation for me!