Monday, September 10, 2007

Fall Into Autumn Topic of the Week!!

This week, I'm asked whether or not I change the type of yarn I knit with depending on the season. I really don't. What I do change, especially when it comes to warm cozy yarn, is the SIZE of the project. I don't want a big wooly lump in my lap during the summer, even if I am sitting in air-conditioned comfort. I just get too warm. No afghans in August for this cookie!!

Other than something large, I pretty much make what I want, when I want. However, I really have the itch to make a couple of shawls.... could that have something to do with the season???


Anonymous said...

This is your tea swap pal posting. I've had the most lovely time picking out yummy teas and treats for you, but I had a question before I pick out yarn. When you chose the black tea color theme, did you have literal black yarn in mind? Or more like the brown color black tea makes when brewed? Do let me know so I can make the best possible package for you!

Alana - Knit Wit said...

To my Tea Swap Pal:

To be honest, I wasn't thinking of yarn as much as I was thinking of what kind of tea I usually drink!!
So... I do like the color black, and wear it quite a bit. However, I also like other neutrals, so brown (beige, cream) would work for me as well. I hope this helps you out. If not, comment again and I'll see if I can do better!!