Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Felted Bag Exchange Weekly Topic # 4

What was your favorite Halloween costume ever - for you? I had a great time dressing up one year as a very "unusual" woman. Just a bunch of little things that added up to one hilarious looking old bag, I guess. I put stuff in my hair to make it look greasy, grimy and gross, and then pulled a silly looking knit hat with a brim down over it. No make-up, of course, and I blackened out one of my front teeth. At the thrift store I found a "lovely" dress about 8 sizes too big for me, and a bra of the same magnitude. I filled plastic bags with oatmeal and used them to fill up the bra cups. Then cinched in the waist of the dress over my padded figure. Old snow boots over mismatched socks and rolled down knee-high nylons completed the ensemble. What a babe I was!! I guess what made it so memorable, was that several of my friends did similar things, and we went shopping and out to eat in our lovely get-ups! Since this little outing wasn't actually on October 31, we were treated to some very inquisitive looks. More than worth the price of admission. for your kids, if you have them? The very first costume both of my boys wore was a little pumpkin outfit I made them. It was just a printed cape with a "stem" for a hat, but they were just little, and looked so adorable in it. Another time when my oldest was about 4 or so, I made him up to look like a little old man. Baggy pants... suspenders... flannel shirt... slouch hat. He had pillows both in front and back, belted into place, so he was just round. Then I used Vaseline and coffee grounds to give him some whiskers. His sweet little face peering out from that get-up was just too cute. Why did you enjoy it so much? Because it was funny and made me laugh. The funnier and goofier the costumes were, the better I liked them. Do you still dress up now? Nope. Don't do Halloween at all any more, except to hand out candy to my little visitors. Met a woman who'd at one time been involved with the "darker" side of Halloween, and through her I learned what it is really about, and some of the things that go on that we don't realize. Very scary stuff--I could no longer look at Halloween as being fun and innocent.

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Dorothy said...

I'd love to see a picture of you as an "unusual woman" - I'm sure you looked fabulous!