Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Secret Pal Had A "Novel" Idea!!!

I received a package from my SP 11 spoiler this week, and what a fun package it was! I opened it to find great colors of yarn and yummy treats! (Missing from the pictures is the bag of tasty goodies she sent--they didn't make it till picture day!!!) Just look at all the loot!
I love felting with the Patons SWS, and she sent three skeins in the nice denimy blue, which I haven't tried yet so it was the perfect color choice! Then, four skeins of cotton, all in colors I'll enjoy. She must have been snooping around my blog, cause I know I've mentioned wanting to try the Sugar & Cream Stripes, but not being able to find it around here. Now I have a skein of that, too, and can't wait to try it. And look at the box of Oregon Chai. That is good stuff, and I'll enjoy every sip. Who knows, maybe I'll even share!Her note was on a postcard that gives me a "hint" as to where she lives, and if you look closely you can see a CD case peeking out from behind the postcard. It was cleverly hidden at the bottom of the package--- and what I fun idea! It's the first CD of three; a novel set in the "world of knitting"! Last night I had a friend over and we sat and sipped tea and knit as we listened to the story. We had such fun!! We didn't stop until we'd listened to the whole thing, and now I'm anxiously waiting for the second installment. And the third!!
Thank you SO much, Secret Pal!
I really appreciate all
the thoughtful gifts!!!!


Nichole said...

Great swap pacakge! I'm going to have to hunt down that beautiful blue SWS!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Lots of fun yarn, there! Great swapper!

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome. The story gets even better. - SP11 Pal

Dorothy said...

What a great package! I just found Peaches 'n Creme in Walmart, and I'm anxious to try it out and compare it to the Sugar 'n Creme.

Have a great day!

Dorothy said...

Little girl is sitting next to me as I check blogs. While visiting your blog, she says "I like those doggies."