Monday, November 5, 2007

Time to Enter Another Contest!!

I was catching up with some blog news after being out of town for a few days, and found out that Cass is having a contest!! She's giving away some fun stuff to celebrate her 333rd post, so hop on over there, congratulate her, and check it out! And tell her I sent you so I get "extra credit"!!


Dorothy said...

I entered, and mentioned that you sent me!

Nichole said...

Lots of patience and photoshop = a good blog header, lol. Figure the image size needs to be approx 3.233 inches wide x .833 inches tall and go from there - I had to tweak mine a touch from those.

Channon said...

Regarding socks... They truly are my passion. I think I'll like lace too, but I truly feel out of sorts if I don't have a sock in progress!