Friday, December 28, 2007

'Twas Dishcloth After Dishcloth~~

I don't know what it was with dishcloths there for a while, but I just couldn't seem to stop myself. Every time I finished one, there was another pattern I had to try, so I'd do "just one more" before starting a different project. Fact is, I wish I were knitting one right now, but I've forced myself to take a break and do some other things. So, I've finished a scarf for my son (which I'd like to frog and do over, but he loves it!), and now I'm working on another scarf for myself.

Meanwhile, for the sake of some knitting FO pics, I've compiled a little gallery of dishcloths for your viewing pleasure. First up, a little blue ditty that really doesn't have a pattern. I saw the center section as part of something else, so I added a seed stitch border and turned it into a dishcloth. The pink one is a pattern I love, from a Leisure Arts book, Color Splash Dishcloths.
Next up, an attractive pattern in a frothy shade of seafoam. This pattern is called Stitch on the Blocks Washcloth, and was designed by Tricotine.
Following Stitch on the Blocks is Another Favorite from Harvest Moon Designs. If you haven't been there shopping for dishcloth patterns, you're missing out. Sue comes up with more fantastic designs than you could ever imagine. And their service is great.Right on the heels of these four colorful beauties comes a series of three done in the color "jute" from Sugar and Cream. A "Study in Neutral", as it were. All three patterns are from Harvest Moon Designs.
"Early Frost"
"Makin' Waves"
"My Favorite Dishcloth"
While leafing through my patterns looking for names, some that I haven't made yet caught my eye and they're calling out to me. Can you hear them? Will I be able to finish my scarf, or will I be enticed into starting yet another dishcloth?? Perhaps with some of the pretty "Stripes" cotton I've gotten from a couple of my swap pals......

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Kid "Finger Knits"~~

As I was feverishly knitting away on one of my projects while visiting my brother and his family, my nephew informed me that he knew how to "finger knit". I was clueless as to what he was talking about, so he set out to find his previous work, which turned out to be a monster i-cord long enough to go around the "circle" from the dining to living room about two and a half times. Must have been over 30 feel long. And no, that's not some exotic turban he's wearing, but rather his finger knitting coiled up tastefully on his cranium.
Next was a finger knitting lesson for Auntie. He wraps the yarn around his little fingers, turns his hands over, and pulls the previous loops over the yarn he just wrapped. Funny thing is, it really is an i-cord. I was able to put my finger right into the center of it.
Here's a detail of the "stitch technique"!!
And look... waa laa... a giant, variagated purple, good for nothing i-cord. We discussed it, but weren't able to come up with one idea for this knitted creature. Even so, it is VERY cool, don'tcha think??
He said he thought I should teach him how to really knit a little when he comes here for Christmas, but we haven't done that yet. I'll have to remind him! It'd be fun, and he's a sharp little bugger that would catch on right away. It wouldn't be tedious and painstaking like trying to teach some wooden-headed adult. Every time I do that I swear I never will again, but the teacher in me always wins out!
On the knitting front, I finished a scarf for my son yesterday, and he's had it around his neck every time he went out today. He loves it, and that makes mom feel happy! I'm not thrilled with the way the pattern turned out--it's ribbed and wants to stay all bunched up. I had it steamed into what I thought was the "perfect" width, but after he had it on for only a few minutes, the ribs pulled back together. If I had my druthers I'd frog the whole 6-1/2 feet and do it over using a different pattern, but he thinks it's very cool, so we'll see. I'll take photos of it so I can post pics. Maybe someone out in blogland will have a good idea! Now I've started another scarf for myself, and I'm likin' the way it looks so far!
Did a little online shopping this evening, too. Went over to Amazon and ordered a couple of knitting books. Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, I'd gotten a little Christmas Cash, so I figured, why let it sit around and collect dust. That would just be wrong. I'd seen a book on a friend's blog, and was immediately smitten with knitting book envy. Grace, you're a bad influence on me, but that's okay!! I couldn't help myself... I just had to order Ocean Breezes Knitted Scarves, and then to SAVE money and get free shipping, I NEEDED to order another, so I got the newest One Skein Wonders. Makes sense to me..... You too?? Ya, I know.
It's so fun sitting here and typing away. Ever since school started, work and responsibility have gotten in the way of knitting and blogging. I keep thinking there must be a solution (quit my job, perhaps??), but so far I haven't figured out what it is. The good news is, I have six more days to enjoy reading blogs, and maybe even do some leisure posting on my own. Woo Hoo!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Goodies~~

My coffee swap package arrived last week, and it was wonderful!! Chan was my pal, and she did quite the job of spoiling me rotten. It was the perfect pick-me-up during a very stressful week. I opened the box to find lots of goodies, all nicely wrapped in Christmas colors. See....Of course she sent coffee..... A fantastic Holiday Blend from Greenberry's, which is new to me. It's either local, or something we don't have in these parts. And what a fun mug-- Just perfect for my morning java. I love the Lindor truffles, and don't plan to do much sharing with those!!
She also sent a beautiful English China cup and saucer with a holiday theme. That will be reserved for my evening cup of tea.
The yarn she sent was just fabulous! I like using Cascade 220, and there were two skeins of it in a great shade of turquoise. The variegated is a soft wool, and I'm contemplating using it for a felting project, but don't know for sure yet. I thought it would make a cute felted bowl and some felted coasters. I can hardly wait to use the Sugar & Cream stripes. I haven't been able to find it around here, and I've really wanted to get my hands on some. I've gotten some from a couple of my secret pals, which makes me very happy!!
I kept unwrapping one fun thing after the other, and couldn't believe all that she sent. There was a candy stripe trimmed note pad, and some cute little napkins. The bell tree ornament is gorgeous, which does not show up in the photo. It's just encrusted with sparkle and glitter!! I'm in love with the crochet covered tape measure. It went straight into my "traveling" knitting bag, and has already been put to good use. Sweet Mugsy even sent some peanut butter treats for my two doggies, which they love.
I had to take a close-up of the stitch markers-- They are TOOO cute for words!! Are you jealous?? Well you should be, because they are really special! I can hardly wait to use them for my next circular project!This swap was so much fun! Chan was a great spoiler who not only sent a wonderful package of fun things, but she also kept in touch with me, and we had a great time emailing back and forth. We read each others blogs, so she was keeping in touch with me both as a regular blog friend as well as anonymously, and she never made a slip! I couldn't have been more surprised to see who my pal was!
You made this swap a
Very Special
One for me!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Big "Thank You" To My SP11 Pal!!

Last week I received a wonderful final package from Angela, my SP11 spoiler. It was just what I needed to come home to, as the past couple of weeks have been very stressful for me. Just look at all the great things she included!
First, there's a way cute mug and some cookies that come from her neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest. How did she know I love snowmen?!? Just look at the beautiful handmade items. The Christmas colored cloths are so fun, and the doily is just beautiful! Each will be well used and treasured!!And then, of course, there's the yarn! What's a swap package without some great yarn? I got two skeins of Sugar & Cream Stripes in the Christmas colorway, which I can hardly wait to use. (Still can't find any of the striping cottons around here, so this makes me very happy!) The colors in the Trekking XXL are just gorgeous--very soft and pretty. And to go with it are a set of bamboo size 1 dpn's, which I didn't have, so was thrilled to receive. Finally, a hank of hand dyed yarn in orange and raspberry shades that are just delish. It was dyed by Jen at not pictured, I also received the last two installments of the audio book that Angela sent me part 1 of in a previous package. I enjoyed the first CD, and am looking forward to hearing the rest of the book. I need to find out "whodunnit"!!

You've sent me so many things
that I will use and enjoy!