Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Am I, And Where Did Me Go??

My mojo is gone, I'm in a deep purple funk, and stress levels are at the 'red alert' level. I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged, but the inertia just hasn't been there. I took three huge emotional hits, two days apart for six days, that really sent me reeling. So many serious matters on my plate right now that not much seems like fun.

The third hit came when my oldest son called me late one night to tell me he'd blown his good knee. Now he has two that are a mess, and both more than likely needing surgery. He's had an ACL repair once before, but now probably needs two more. If only he'd give up all the sports and hijinks and take up knitting. It's so much safer, don'cha think?

However, I did have a day brightener over the weekend when I opened my mailbox to find this great yarn from Amanda. I was one of the winners in her PMS contest and she sent some of her own hand dyed yarn. It's soft and mooshy and will be great fun to knit up. A big "Thank You" to Amanda for her generous gift!!
Since I'm here, I might as well share a couple of FO's. I must confess I knit them up a while back, but getting around to doing the felting was the hard part. In fact, I only got it done when I was forced into it by the impending birthday gathering for a friend, and her gift needed felting. I made her a bag adorned with felted flowers, but I'll show pics of that next time. Meanwhile, here's a coster pre-felting....
And here's how they turned out. They're okay, but I'm not sure they're worth the work. I've made round ones before, and they were not only more fun to knit, but I liked the end product better, too. These aren't as thick, and the hexagonal shape isn't quite as "hexy" as I'd like it to be. I'm tempted to trim the corners to make the edges straighter, but that might be a bit risky. Probably ruin the striping, too. The yarn is Berocco Jasper, a self-striping wool. I got the six coasters out of two skeins.
Next up, a pair of gargantuan slippers, which felted down to a perfect size for my foot. I came close to felting them too long. Wouldn't that have been a blunder....
Pattern: House Slippers from Knit 2 Together
Yarn: KnitPicks Shamrock, 3 strands
I've also finished the wrap I started a few weeks back, but need to block it before I take pics. It's nice... I like the way it turned out. What to start next... Hmmm... I wonder...


Bubblesknits said...

Wow! I really like the design of those House Slippers. The felted clogs never fit my feet right, but those look perfect! Good job!

Grace Yaskovic said...

so glad to see you back couple of questions did you get the little package I sent you back in February and did you get my email last week. When you have a few minutes let me know I understand totally if life is keeping you too crazy at the moment, It happens to us all!!
Your knitting looks wonderful Alana, keeping you in my thoughts!!!

Cass said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry life has been handing you lemons, and I hope your son's knees heal. My knee surgery in the early 1980s is holding strong.

Love the slippers! I think the coasters are nice, and I want to see the lace!! Please??

I hope April will be a better month for you.

Dorothy said...

The slippers looks great!

Hugs to you and your family!

Holly said...

Sorry you haven't had a good month. I work for a knee surgeon, that doesn't sound good.

Love the slippers and coasters! I am with Channer's can't wait to see the Lace!


Gryffinitter said...

Hey, sorry so many things happened at once! The slippers and the coasters are both nice.

I hope everything shapes up for you soon!

T from Elann

NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm sorry to hear you've had some emotional blows lately - I totally understand as I have, too. Thankfully we have our knitting and our online community to cheer us up! And, of course, our Lord.

Hope things get better quickly for you.