Monday, May 19, 2008

And The Winners Are...

Congratulations to Holly and smariek, the winners of my blogoversary contest! I used the highly scientific method of putting all the names (and there were a lot of them--some of you did all the extra credit!!)) into a bowl and drawing two. Thanks to everyone who entered... it's been great fun reading all your comments and suggestions.

I've already checked out a number of the ideas for my Sea Silk and I'm going to look at all of them. I recognized many of your names from swaps I've been in and from comments on other people's blogs and it was fun to have you stop by mine!

Thanks to all of you for making my
Blogoversary Contest
so much fun!!
I really enjoyed myself, and
I hope you did, too!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Enjoying the Evening~~

Finally an evening where I can just sit outside and enjoy! Some of the first summery days we've had have been accompanied by winds that just about knock you off your feet. Matter of fact I believe I was quite the spectacle leaving the grocery store yesterday.I was doing my Saturday morning "box" run in my continuing effort to have enough boxes to move my mom out of her apartment next weekend when my brother and sister-in-law are here to help. Well, I spent considerable time fitting boxes one inside the other, getting as many as possible in one trip. This way I could fill my shopping cart once and be on my merry way. Did quite well... had them fit together in a creative puzzle-like fashion and tucked and balanced on my shopping cart. Piled high enough I had to peek around them to see where I was going. What I failed to factor in was the gale force wind blowing outside.

Ya, I know... you're already a step ahead of me. Once I exited the store the wind hit the broad flat surfaces of my boxes and off they went, sliding across the parking lot with me hot on their trail trying to bring them into submission with my foot, while at the same time trying to control the cart (also not an easy task). A pretty sight, I'm sure... especially from behind. Oh well, if onlookers were adequately entertained, then I'm good. Anyhoo, I managed to wedge the runaway boxes into a bike rack, rush to my car with the cart and prop it against the side of my car while I went back for the naughty boxes. I thought I heard them laughing... do boxes laugh???

Well, one might think I would have learned from this experience, but one would be wrong. I managed to repeat a different version of my stupidity at the second grocery store. Not the SAME mistakes... new and different ones! That's gotta be a good thing, right?
Then I got to my mom's apartment, only to find myself struggling again, this time with my butt in the air and my shirt blown clear up to who-knows-where! An elderly gentleman sitting in a car parked next to mine must have had his chuckle for the day. Strong winds and a bunch of empty boxes just do not mix!

On a different note, my blogoversary contest ends tonight at midnight, and I'm anxious to draw the winners. Since I work in the morning, I won't be up that late, but will draw them tomorrow, and notify the winners as soon as possible. Yea... it's been a fun party!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Is Really Fun!

I'm getting the biggest kick out of this blogoversary contest! I can't believe how many comments I've received as well as great suggestions for using my Sea Silk. It's fun checking out new blogs, and I've peeked at a few of the suggested patterns, too.

While nosing around I came across this gorgeous piece, named "Iris", designed by Susan of A Few Stitches Short. I would love to make something this glorious, but honestly don't know if I have it in me. Would I die of old age before I got it done?

Anyway, I don't think this pattern/kit is available yet, but I believe it will be soon. I was there checking out Crocus Pocus, a smaller piece that I could possibly make with my Sea Silk! Susan certainly is a gifted designer of beautiful lace.

I've been working on my South Seas Table Mat, so it's grown a little. It's an easy knit, but doesn't knit itself-- I have to actually pick up the needles and go at it. I can hardly wait til school's out and mom's moved so I have more knitting time. If it EVER WARMS UP, I'll fill my planters with happy flowers and sit out on the patio with my coffee, my dogs, and my knitting. That's one of my all time favorite things to do....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Having A Blogoversary Contest!!

It was one year ago that the daughter of one of my friends helped me set up a blog for the sole purpose of being eligible to participate in a swap. I've swapped a few times since then, blogged more than I ever thought I would, and have made some really fun friends!

Well it's time to celebrate, so I'm having my first ever contest! I'm not a big time blogger, so if you're one of my three or four regular readers, your chances of winning should be pretty good!!

There will be two winners.
The first person whose name I draw
will get to choose one of these two books...
... and one of these hanks of yarn.
The second person drawn will get the other book
and the other yarn!
Easy as Pie!!
And, there will be some other goodies for both of the
winners as well.
Not sure yet what they will be, but I'm
thinkin' on it!
Here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment and your name will be entered one time.
2. Mention my contest and link me on your blog and your name will be entered a second time.
3. Make a suggestion as to how I might use the Hand Maiden Sea Silk that is pictured in my previous post and you'll get another entry.
4. I'm going to try to be a good little blogger and post a couple of times this week. Come back and comment on those posts, and you're name will go into the hat yet another time.
The contest will end at midnight, one week from today. That's Sunday, May 18.
Good Luck, and Thanks for Entering!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

And The Week Goes On... and on... and on...

How long can these last several weeks of school be? There are always a couple of kids that finish school "early" and just check out, which makes it so lovely for the rest of us. Oh, well... there are only two weeks left. Nine days with students. Not that I'm counting... I'm not. (Mmm Hmm)

Yesterday the secretary came to my room bearing these lovely flowers from my oldest son and his girlfriend. It was such a bright, cheery spot on my desk. For the rest of the day I just kept staring at them. Right before school was out I turned them around to find that one of my adorable students had pinched every petal on one of the big lilies. All six, so hard that they were transparent and wilty. I was so upset that when they returned from PE I made them all sit and listen before I dismissesd them. Revisited the lecture on personal space and told them I expected a confession. One of my co-workers shared a portion of her mind, as well.

Would you believe I got my "I'm sorry" within just a few minutes? And that it came from a new student on his very first day? Whoda thunk? I've gotta say, though, that I was glad it wasn't one of the kids I've been working with all year. It would have been hard not to take that pretty personal. This little guy doesn't know me yet, and I don't know him, so somehow that makes it easier for me to swallow.

I went straight to the florist after school to get the lily replaced, and the sweet girl at the shop didn't even charge me! Needless to say, the flowers didn't go back to school with me!! They are now gracing my coffee table at home!

I got a great yarny treat from Loopy Ewe! And believe it or not, it's the first time I've ordered from them. Probably because I've not been all that successful with knitting socks. I won a Loopy Ewe gift certificate from Amanda, so I went shopping and splurged on something special. It's Hand Maiden Sea Silk in the colorway Paris. I just thought those shades were too purdy to resist! Don't ask me what I'm going to make with it, because I have no clue. Just thought it was something I should have!! (Ya I know, that's hard for you to believe!)
Even though life has been totally hectic lately, I have tried to knit a couple of stitches now and then. I've finished a couple of dishcloths, which I haven't taken pics of yet. I'm also working on a couple of lacy pieces, which are great fun. This is a simple pattern, but seems like quite a bit of knitting just to end up with a bunch of holes! It's the South Seas Table Mat from Knit Two Together. I'm using the Euroflax that it calls for, but I did have jump up a couple of needle sizes. That's unusual for me, too, as I knit a bit loose and often find myself having to use a smaller needle. I had to start this one a few times before I found a needle that would work. It's probably about three times this long, now.
This next pattern I is totally dreamy. I absolutely lurve it!! And watching the design "come together" is SO fun! It's sized to be a fairly large table runner, but my lifestyle isn't quite that grand, so I've scaled it down some and am making it both narrower and shorter. It's from Berroco, the NaturLin leaflet, #273. And I'm actually knitting it with NaturLin. Two projects using the yarn that's suggested. Look at the great detail in the design. It lays so nice, even without being blocked that I can hardly wait to see it finished and all blocked into shape. This one will probably take me a little while to finish, and it's not something I can do while watching TV or chatting with someone. If I find mistakes, I HAVE to rip down and fix them, so it's better just to be careful in the first place.My mom has moved into assisted living, so I'm working on the enjoyable task of packing up and vacating her apartment. I only have one brother, who is 300 miles away, so he's not able to help as much as he'd like. (He does do all the telephone junk, though, and I really appreciate that because I hate doing that kind of stuff.) He and his wife are coming over Memorial Day weekend, and we'll finish it all then. Meantime, I'm trying to do a little each weekend so our task won't be so monumental. Last weekend I got her china, crystal, and other fancy dishes all wrapped and boxed. It's nice to have that task out of the way. I'm thinking tomorrow may be a den kind of day.

This has been quite the reminder of how we tend to accumulate "stuff". Makes me want to come home and get rid of almost everything I own! Just on general principle!! Can't help but think of how the Bible tells us not to store up treasures on this earth where moths and rust corrupt and theives break in to steal and destroy.

We're having a lousy spring. Two weeks ago my hubby took some cool looking snow pics (if there is such a thing at the end of April!) for me to put on my blog, but I just didn't get around to it. Of course it melted right away, but it's still been cooler than normal, and also gloomy. The up side of this less than great weather is that warm, sun-shiney days make the kids at school even more restless.

I actually did some beading recently. I haven't done any for ages, but wanted to finish a piece I'd started, as I needed a special gift for a friend. I found out just how much I've missed working with beads. Most of my things are organized, but there are a couple of drawers that are quite a mess and I want to get everything all sorted and put away. I'm going to do that when school's out, and then I'm going to take some time to make some things. Found some beads I'd forgotten I'd bought, and they were really cool! Need to use them!

But... gotta finish packing Mom up first :o)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Found Us A Contest~~~

Sue is having a contest, so stop by her blog, say hello, and get yourself entered!
I see I'm coming up on my bloggiversary in a few days, too, so perhaps it's time for me to start thinking about a contest!!!