Friday, May 9, 2008

And The Week Goes On... and on... and on...

How long can these last several weeks of school be? There are always a couple of kids that finish school "early" and just check out, which makes it so lovely for the rest of us. Oh, well... there are only two weeks left. Nine days with students. Not that I'm counting... I'm not. (Mmm Hmm)

Yesterday the secretary came to my room bearing these lovely flowers from my oldest son and his girlfriend. It was such a bright, cheery spot on my desk. For the rest of the day I just kept staring at them. Right before school was out I turned them around to find that one of my adorable students had pinched every petal on one of the big lilies. All six, so hard that they were transparent and wilty. I was so upset that when they returned from PE I made them all sit and listen before I dismissesd them. Revisited the lecture on personal space and told them I expected a confession. One of my co-workers shared a portion of her mind, as well.

Would you believe I got my "I'm sorry" within just a few minutes? And that it came from a new student on his very first day? Whoda thunk? I've gotta say, though, that I was glad it wasn't one of the kids I've been working with all year. It would have been hard not to take that pretty personal. This little guy doesn't know me yet, and I don't know him, so somehow that makes it easier for me to swallow.

I went straight to the florist after school to get the lily replaced, and the sweet girl at the shop didn't even charge me! Needless to say, the flowers didn't go back to school with me!! They are now gracing my coffee table at home!

I got a great yarny treat from Loopy Ewe! And believe it or not, it's the first time I've ordered from them. Probably because I've not been all that successful with knitting socks. I won a Loopy Ewe gift certificate from Amanda, so I went shopping and splurged on something special. It's Hand Maiden Sea Silk in the colorway Paris. I just thought those shades were too purdy to resist! Don't ask me what I'm going to make with it, because I have no clue. Just thought it was something I should have!! (Ya I know, that's hard for you to believe!)
Even though life has been totally hectic lately, I have tried to knit a couple of stitches now and then. I've finished a couple of dishcloths, which I haven't taken pics of yet. I'm also working on a couple of lacy pieces, which are great fun. This is a simple pattern, but seems like quite a bit of knitting just to end up with a bunch of holes! It's the South Seas Table Mat from Knit Two Together. I'm using the Euroflax that it calls for, but I did have jump up a couple of needle sizes. That's unusual for me, too, as I knit a bit loose and often find myself having to use a smaller needle. I had to start this one a few times before I found a needle that would work. It's probably about three times this long, now.
This next pattern I is totally dreamy. I absolutely lurve it!! And watching the design "come together" is SO fun! It's sized to be a fairly large table runner, but my lifestyle isn't quite that grand, so I've scaled it down some and am making it both narrower and shorter. It's from Berroco, the NaturLin leaflet, #273. And I'm actually knitting it with NaturLin. Two projects using the yarn that's suggested. Look at the great detail in the design. It lays so nice, even without being blocked that I can hardly wait to see it finished and all blocked into shape. This one will probably take me a little while to finish, and it's not something I can do while watching TV or chatting with someone. If I find mistakes, I HAVE to rip down and fix them, so it's better just to be careful in the first place.My mom has moved into assisted living, so I'm working on the enjoyable task of packing up and vacating her apartment. I only have one brother, who is 300 miles away, so he's not able to help as much as he'd like. (He does do all the telephone junk, though, and I really appreciate that because I hate doing that kind of stuff.) He and his wife are coming over Memorial Day weekend, and we'll finish it all then. Meantime, I'm trying to do a little each weekend so our task won't be so monumental. Last weekend I got her china, crystal, and other fancy dishes all wrapped and boxed. It's nice to have that task out of the way. I'm thinking tomorrow may be a den kind of day.

This has been quite the reminder of how we tend to accumulate "stuff". Makes me want to come home and get rid of almost everything I own! Just on general principle!! Can't help but think of how the Bible tells us not to store up treasures on this earth where moths and rust corrupt and theives break in to steal and destroy.

We're having a lousy spring. Two weeks ago my hubby took some cool looking snow pics (if there is such a thing at the end of April!) for me to put on my blog, but I just didn't get around to it. Of course it melted right away, but it's still been cooler than normal, and also gloomy. The up side of this less than great weather is that warm, sun-shiney days make the kids at school even more restless.

I actually did some beading recently. I haven't done any for ages, but wanted to finish a piece I'd started, as I needed a special gift for a friend. I found out just how much I've missed working with beads. Most of my things are organized, but there are a couple of drawers that are quite a mess and I want to get everything all sorted and put away. I'm going to do that when school's out, and then I'm going to take some time to make some things. Found some beads I'd forgotten I'd bought, and they were really cool! Need to use them!

But... gotta finish packing Mom up first :o)


Bubblesknits said...

Okay, I just want to pinch that kid's head off for you. Geez. At least you got an apology. My mom is a 4th grade teacher and she's counting down the days, too. ;-)

Ever feel like that line in the Bible targets us knitters with the moth bit? ROTFL Maybe there were crazy knitters hoarding yarn back then? LOL

Grace Yaskovic said...

I am impressed that he apologized, but maybe he figured that someone would rat him out, or that you just new it couldn't be one of the other children. That was also so nice that they replaced the flower for you

Your knitting is lovely Alana

Tom used a variety of pencils Prang are the Best, Crayola, Roseart and Prismacolor were all used too!!! He says thanks for the compliment!

Rachel said...

Your new yarn purchase is beautiful. And I can't wait to see your finished lace knits--they are looking great so far!

Anonymous said...

Felt that same sense of violation/betrayal when I looked at our church bulletin board, and someone had taken a pushpin and poked holes into the a picture of our women's retreat group, right through most of the noses. I was ticked. The picture was posted pretty high up, so we're not talking little kids. Sheesh.

Your knitting is beautiful!